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NEW “Brain Cueing” Technology Rewires You From A Stressed-Out Bad Eater To A Calmer Healthy Eater automatically … in just 30 Days

De-stress, feel better and slim down starting on Day 1 … just by listening for 20 minutes a day

  • Are you overeating because you’re under a lot of stress?
  • Do you sometimes feel out of control around sweets, carbs, and other bad foods?
  • Have you been overweight for many years, even though you’ve tried so hard to change your eating habits?
Find FREEDOM from feeling sick and suffering because of your weight in 30 days using NEW Brain-Cueing Technology
Find FREEDOM from feeling sick and suffering because of your weight in 30 days using NEW Brain-Cueing Technology

If so, then this is the day you can find FREEDOM from the pain, guilt, and frustration you live with every single day because you just can’t eat healthy long enough to feel good and achieve your ideal body weight.

If you’re like so many men and women who struggle and fail at every attempt to eat healthy and lose weight permanently, the ups and downs of this path can be a disappointing, miserable life for you. And yet this is how millions of people live out their lives.

The problem is, until now, there hasn’t been a LASTING solution besides trying to willpower your way through diets and exercise plans … which is extremely stressful and virtually everyone fails.

Why is it that hardly anyone succeeds in getting healthy
and losing weight long-term, even when you try so hard?

You losing weight and eating healthy has nothing to do with willpower … it’s all in your programming.

What you might not know is that your ability to eat healthy and control your weight has nothing to do with your willpower…There’s no amount of calorie restriction or exercise that will help you become the healthier, slimmer, more well-balanced person you want to be … for life … unless you deal with the programming behind every thought and behavior you’ve been storing since the day you were born.

You know those people who look so healthy and clearly LOVE to work out? That’s not willpower … that’s their programming.

So please, stop blaming yourself… because it’s not your fault. There’s something MUCH bigger than you that’s influencing every bite you take.

There’s something MUCH bigger than you that’s influencing every bite you take.

According to brain science, the decisions you make about eating are almost dictated to you. It’s like you’re being ordered to eat poorly. In other words, you’re not really in charge; your subconscious is. It’s that little voice in your head. You know … the one that tells you to sit down in front of the TV and eat the whole bag of chips, and you just can’t help but DO IT?

Your programming is the sole reason you think about food the way you do, and why you feel strong urges to eat crappy, which then makes you feel crappy… physically and emotionally. But now…

Your unhealthy eating habits can be changed easily and automatically
just by listening to new “Brain Cueing” technology

Reverse your brain’s cravings in 30 days!
Reverse your brain’s cravings in 30 days!


Scientists have long suspected that, once your brain’s circuitry is programmed by you repeatedly eating junk food or overeating, it was almost impossible to reverse your brain’s cravings. And this meant you’d be subjected to a lifetime of uncontrollable food cravings that all the willpower in the world couldn’t overcome. But now … in much the same way your bad eating habits got there, they can be reprogrammed with healthy eating habits.

Dr. Norman Doidge, MD
Best-selling author
“The Brain that changes itself”

The newest, most widely accepted brain science by Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D., called Neuroplasticity, has proven that, “repeated mental experience leads to structural changes in the brain neurons that process that experience, making the connections between those neurons stronger.”

When you focus your mind repeatedly, consistently, and intensely on a desired outcome, Dr. Doidge explains that the brain will rewire itself towards what you want. In our case, it’s you becoming a healthy eater from now on… not just from willpower, but by re-wiring you to be that way naturally.

“The power of positive thinking finally gains scientific credibility… Straddles the gap
between science and self-help.”

–The New York Times

Scientists at Stanford and Tufts University also proved this exciting discovery when they found you can train your brain to prefer healthy foods over unhealthy ones. They showed that repetitive exposure to the right new messaging can increase your desire for healthier foods, while at the same time, decrease your preference for unhealthy foods.

Now usually, the wonderful, life-changing discoveries that science makes in the lab never makes it to the real, everyday lives of regular folks like you and me. But today, there’s one audio technology – called Slendersize – that has taken this breakthrough in eating behavior modification right to your own home. Not only that, they’ve made the entire process AUTOMATIC… All you do is listen.

This new audio technology is embedded with Isochronic tones and specific “Brain Cueing” messages that train your brain to have a stronger preference to eat healthy. Eventually, you may have no desire for bad food at all. The new Brain Cues are designed to change how you react to different foods… and reverse the addictive power you feel when you’re around sweets or carbs or whatever your bad food of choice is.

I will explain what a Brain Cue is below, but first, I’m excited to tell you that, because this audio program actually rewires your neural pathways, which is perfectly safe and scientifically approved, the changes in your eating habits are not only long-lasting, but instantly and noticeably different.

This breakthrough in eating modification and weight loss has an immediate effect on your eating behavior and self-control. It causes you to TRULY DESIRE and WANT to eat healthy foods, so you start to feel and see improvement right away. After listening for 20 minutes a day for 30 days, you’ll feel lighter, cleaner, have more energy, and even have a more positive outlook on life in general. The added benefit is that this particular eating behavior modification technology also takes your stress levels way down, because as any doctor will tell you… you can’t change when you’re stressed.

How will you know if you’re a candidate for this kind of eating reprogramming, and will it actually work for you?

Read the following problems people have because they have the wrong programming.

If you find yourself in similar eating situations more than once a week, then this new technology can FREE you from feeling like you’re a prisoner to food.

What makes you lose control and eat unhealthy (and gain weight)?

  • Your emotions get the best of you … you eat unhealthy when you’re stressed out, anxious, or feeling impulsive
  • You eat something “fun” to perk you up when you feel down
  • You eat when you’re bored or tired
  • You can’t resist the dessert tray at the office
  • You get irresistible cravings and can’t stop thinking about sweets, breads, or your favorite fast food until you get it
  • You overeat when you’re happy, because you “deserve” a treat.
  • You eat again after dinner, because you feel hungry again
  • You eat when you can’t sleep – the midnight snacker
  • You overeat at holidays, at dinner parties, when you go out to eat, or have any reason to celebrate
  • You’re out of control with portion control, you’re just not satisfied when you eat smaller amounts
  • You start to eat healthy and then think, “Oh one day won’t hurt” … then one day becomes two, then three, and so on
  • You eat when you’re in front of the TV or your computer
  • You eat fast food or microwave boxed food when you don’t feel like cooking
  • You think healthy food is too expensive (we’ll show you how it doesn’t have to be)
  • Once you start snacking, you just can’t stop
  • You have no willpower
  • You start thinking it’s too much trouble to always eat healthy, and that you’ll never be skinny anyway
Replace your stressful, self-sabotaging eating habits with a calmer, more natural desire to eat healthy ALL the time!
Replace your stressful, self-sabotaging eating habits with a calmer, more natural desire to eat healthy ALL the time!

If you find yourself feeling this way more than once a week, then the new Brain Cueing technology can replace your stressful, self-sabotaging eating habits with a calmer, more natural desire to eat healthy every single day. It works without resistance or leaving you feeling unsatisfied because you’re no longer relying solely on your willpower.

It’s tested over and over to help men and women just like you lose weight and feel better – physically and emotionally. Most people feel a difference starting on Day 1, and feel the full effects after listening for just 30 days.

Notice I’m not telling you that you have to exercise a bunch, or starve yourself? That’s because those are not what leads you to life-long healthy eating and weight control. And here’s why…

There’s something much bigger than you
calling the shots when you’re eating

Do you know the REAL reason you feel so compelled to overeat and eat badly?
Do you know the REAL reason you feel so compelled to overeat and eat badly?

If you’ve tried everything … restrictive diets, Paleo diets, non-gluten diets, no-sugar diets, or any other “healthy eating” plan … and you’re still not the healthy slim person you want to be … it’s because the root cause of what MAKES YOU think and feel the DESIRE to eat wrong is still alive and well in your brain.

The part of your brain that drives you to eat too much and feel out of control around junk food is also what makes you believe that you’ll never be skinny and healthy … so why try?!


icebergYou simply need to control your subconscious, not the other way around.

No doubt, your brain is a state-of-the art marvel. But the truth is … your Subconscious mind is managing 90% of everything you do without you even realizing it.

Think of your mind as an iceberg. The conscious part is the tip of the iceberg you see, which is only about 10% of the iceberg… and the rest is the subconscious! That gives you an idea of how powerful your subconscious mind is and what a huge role it plays in your life.

But here’s the thing…

Your subconscious is either your villain or your savior, depending on what you feed it.

Every time you eat unhealthy, you strengthen that bad response in your subconscious brain. But it works the opposite way too … when you give your brain new messages to eat healthy, you strengthen your good responses towards food.

“We don’t start out in life loving French fries and hating whole wheat pasta. This conditioning happens over time in response to eating the wrong foods – repeatedly!says Dr. Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., a professor at Friedman School of Nutrition Science at Tufts University, psychologist at Tufts University School of Medicine.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS… With the new Brain Cueing technology, you can simply recondition yourself so that your natural response is to eat healthy all the time.

What is a Brain Cue?

Just like an actress gets a cue to prompt her to act a certain way, a “Brain Cue” is a signal from your brain that prompts you to think or behave in a certain way.

Brain cues don’t just arrive out of nowhere. They come from all your experiences since the day you were born – your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – and remain stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious uses this information to cue you on what to think and do next, so you stay in line with who you are based on your experiences.

Think of your subconscious mind like a “tape recorder” that records a bunch of different messages over your lifetime and continuously plays them back to you. Put in another “tape” with different messages, and your experience will be different, which is exactly what Slendersize does for you. With repetition, this new programming becomes a part of who you are... kind of like a new you, at least when it comes to your eating thoughts and behaviors.

And that’s why…


Consistently Eating Healthy And Not Overeating
Will Be Your New Normal Very Quickly

After hearing your new Brain Cues your brain will HAPPILY choose to eat healthy and feel SATISFIED!
After hearing your new Brain Cues your brain will HAPPILY choose to eat healthy and feel SATISFIED!

Very quickly after hearing your new Brain Cues, the way you used to think and behave around food will be noticeably different. And you’ll be noticeably less stressed out. The effect lasts long-term because your new eating thoughts and behaviors are coming straight from your subconscious brain, just like your bad eating habits used to. You’re no longer relying on just your willpower to trying to talk yourself into eating good food instead of bad.

At first, you may still feel some urges to eat unhealthy. But once you’re in the reprogramming process, the little voice in your head that used to tell you to eat a whole bag of chips will start telling you more loudly to eat something healthy instead, or not eat at all if I’m not actually hungry. You’ll be more confident, and you’ll experience what it’s like to feel better and succeed, so you’ll have less to stress about.

After all of your new Brain Cues are in place, consistently eating healthy and not overeating will become your new normal. You’ll just do it … with far more self-control than you may have ever felt in your life.

Think of it as “out with the old and in with the new.”

The effects are cumulative and get better and better because the longer you consistently eat healthy, the better you feel, and the more lasting changes you’ll see in your body. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and like what you see.

The problem for most people is they can’t eat healthy long enough. They yo-yo up and down through one diet and failure after another, which is a very stressful way to live life. To be truly healthy and consistently control your weight, you need to eat healthy day after day, month after month, year after year. But if you’re the typical bad eater, you keep falling off track and eventually go back to your bad eating habits that are familiar and maybe even comforting to you.

But now, after listening to Slendersize for 30 days, the urges that used to make you overeat and eat badly are essentially … GONE. Or at least mostly gone. In its place is a brand new set of programming of eating thoughts and behaviors that feel natural and don’t leave you feeling unsatisfied … and so you stay with it.

It’s like a “switch” was flipped inside your head – turning it to the healthy-eater setting.

It’s like a “switch” was flipped inside your head – turning it to the healthy-eater setting. It’s the first time this critical switch in your eating habits can be made so easily and effectively. In fact, changing you from an unhealthy eater to a healthy eater happens automatically.

Each 20-minute audio uses Isochronic tones to first put your brain in its stress-free non-resistant “acceptance mode.” With the stress and barriers out of the way, only then does the audio stream in the new messaging. Since this new programming goes directly into your subconscious brain, the desired changes take effect immediately with no real effort other than listening. Of course this solution won’t make ALL your urges and temptations just magically go away … however it will make many of your bad eating thoughts and habits flat out disappear.


“I notice I am more aware when I am eating. For example, I used to eat just to eat – or would feel like eating something for no real reason. But now, I’m more aware of whether I am actually hungry or not. I ask myself, ‘why eat something if I am not hungry?’ … and it stops me from eating. I don’t find that I am remembering the audio when I open the refrigerator… so I feel like I am automatically remembering and modifying myself. I feel more positive now that I’m able to control my eating that seemed so out of control before. It’s only been a few days, and I already feel different – in a good way :-)”DebbieNovick

Thanks, Debbie



“After using Slendersize, I eat less, and I just feel good!




“My friend came over and was eating a cookie. After one bite, she asked if I wanted the rest as she didn’t want any more (which I was shocked to hear). She mentioned she had been on the Slendersize program, so I had to try it out. It wasn’t long before I was having to tighten my belt.”




WARNING: Slendersize Is Not For Everyone

Due to the fact that Slendersize uses Isochronic tones to put your subconscious mind into its non-resistant acceptance mode, people with epilepsy should not use technology. These tones may induce a seizure in people who are susceptible, just like some jerky movies can. However, for everyone else…

Here’s what you’ll EXPERIENCE when you listen to Slendersize…

3-Step “Healthy Eater” Brain Cueing Audio Technology

Just put on a pair of headphones and listen for 20 minutes a day, for 30 days. Slendersize does the work for you.

Each time you listen to a Slendersize audio, your current programming for unhealthy eating is being replaced with programming that only supports healthy eating.Because Slendersize literally “downloads” this new programming directly into your subconscious, the changes take effect immediately. You’ll begin to see and feel differences in yourself right away. After 30 days, you will be far less tempted to eat unhealthy, if at all. From that point on, you’ll actually WANT to eat healthy food more than you want to eat unhealthy.

The voice in your head will have changed … from one that used to tell you to eat crappy and overeat, to one that only supports your new programming, and along with it, your new slimmer more healthy lifestyle.

Get started today… so you can start enjoying YOUR healthy slim life!

Months or years later, if you begin to notice yourself falling back into unhealthy thinking and behaviors, just get out your Slendersize audios and listen for another 30 days. You’ll be back on track in almost no time.Many people write in saying they never stop listening to their Slendersize audios because they are so supportive and make them feel so positive.

Get started today. Just put on a pair of headphones and listen for 20 minutes a day, for 30 days. Slendersize does the work for you. You’ll be automatically rewired to a healthy eater in 3 easy and enjoyable steps.

Step 1:
Simply Relax and Listen To Slendersize For 20 Minutes a Day, for 30 Days

Just sit back and relax… You’ll be automatically rewired to a healthy eater in 3 easy and enjoyable steps.

Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down. Put your headphones on (not earbuds) and press PLAY. Close your eyes and just relax and listen for 20 minutes.

The first thing the audio does is get you in a super-relaxed state. You can’t change if you’re stressed out and neither can your brain. The different background experiences on the audios will truly take you away. Choose from sounds of the beach, forest, rainfall, or the night sky. Each one is a fabulous daily stress reducer before it even begins to reprogram your eating habits, which is the next step. All you need to do is relax and stay put for 20 minutes. Even better, you’ll have 4 totally different audio experiences to choose from in your set, so you won’t get bored.

Step 2:

Isochronic Tones Put Your Mind In Its “Acceptance Mode” Then Streams in New “Healthy Eating” Brain Cues

Along with the background sounds that get you in a super-relaxed state, you’ll also hear a constant faint noise… like a rhythmic beating sound. These are the Isochronic tones that get your conscious mind to take a hike for a while. With your conscious mind out of the way, the tones are now able to reach your subconscious mind, and put it in its non-resistant “acceptance mode.”

Feel the DIFFERENCE right away! Slendersize helps your brain instantly accept new permanent healthy eating messages.

To do this, the tones slow your brain cycles down. Don’t worry, this is perfectly safe and scientifically proven. You go from your normal awake state of 14 cycles per second, to 13, then 12, and all the way down to about 8 cycles a second. Now you’re in a state between daydreaming and the state your brain is in just before you fall asleep. It’s also the state where your brain automatically accepts what it hears without resistance.

You’ll know you’re in this state when you start to hear the Brain Cues stream in. Here, you are literally being “switched” from an unhealthy eater to a healthy eater.

Step 3:

Bring You Back To Think, Act, and Succeed With Your New Programming In Place

The Isochronic tones toward the end of each Slendersize audio safely brings your brain back up to its normal awake state of 14 cycles per second and helps you transition into the rest of your day or night. Get up and go about your day as you normally would. You’ll notice marked differences in the way you think and behave around food and what you choose to act out (eat). You’ll also feel significantly less stress every day you listen to any Slendersize audio. Enjoy your newfound health and success!

Experience Slendersize with our Trial Offer

That’s why we want you to try Slendersize on us (sign up below). You’ll hear the Isochronic tones that are opening you up to fully accepting different Brain Cues. In addition to the tones, there is a background sound experience that will make you feel like you’ve taken a mini vacation. That alone is worth getting this Free Starter Audio! It’s a quick, everyday stress-reducer for you.



Here’s what you’ll GET when you sign up TODAY for
Slendersize Brain Cueing Audio Technology

Right after you sign up, you’ll be taken to a page (and also be emailed) an all-access link to the Slendersize Members Area. Simply login and try all the audios you want for 7 days at no cost except for a small $1 processing fee.

You’ll get 4 completely different 20-minute Slendersize audio programs you can access from any device, so you can listen whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Each audio is embedded with many unique Brain Cues, which must be listened to repetitively – one audio each day for 30 days – in order to reprogram you to a healthy eater. You’ll also find an extra 20-minute Relax & Restore audio, without the Brain Cues, for you to use as a wonderfully relaxing, daily stress reducer. The 4 main Slendersize audios are also major stress reducers. Choose from:

  • Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #1 – Beach Getaway with 20-minute Brain Cueing program
  • Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #2 – Sounds of the Forest with 20-minute Brain Cueing program
  • Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #3 – Relaxing Rainstorm with 20-minute Brain Cueing program
  • Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #4 – Soft Night Sky with 20-minute Brain Cueing program

Plus you’ll see several bonus gifts I have for you today (detailed below) you’ll get absolutely free whether you decide to complete the full 30-day audio program or not.

If for any reason after your 7-day trial, you don’t want to complete the full 30-day audio program and have access to all Slendersize audios whenever you want for the rest of your life for a low one-time fee of $46.00, just let us know. We’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.

But wait! You’ll also get 2 fabulous bonus gifts, yours to keep regardless of if you complete the program or not.

Slendersize is a human-tested, scientifically-validated audio technology we know works, and our customers will tell you works … but YOU may not quite understand what it’s like or how it makes healthy eating so easy and automatic for you.

BONUS #1 Free Relax & Restore Daily Stress Reducer Audio

Go from out of control to in control in 12 minutes

This is your lifeline when you are stressed out and er you’re seconds away or have already started to binge on unhealthy food, which you know will make you feel like crap afterwards, and pile on more fat … grab this audio instead! It will calm you down, take you to another place, … saving you from yet another unhealthy eating experience that only adds to you feeling miserable.

Load it on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other device so you’ll always have it when you need it. Use it while you’re in the process of reprogramming with new Brain Cues, or years later if you’re feeling vulnerable again and need to come back to Slendersize for a refresher round of programming.

BONUS #2 Pocket Report: “Ingredients That Make You Fat & Unhealthy” Reveals the unhealthiest ingredients hidden in so many foods – even so-called “healthy” foods

factsThink back to all the times you’ve read food labels and wondered what all those ingredients with the long complicated names really were. Did you know for sure which ingredients were unhealthy and make you fat, and which ones don’t?

Well now you can take the guesswork out of eating healthy and buying the right foods. Download this quick checklist to your smart phone or print it out and take it with you every time you go to the grocery store. Empower yourself by knowing what’s really in your food so you don’t get duped into eating ingredients that set you back in your health and weight loss success.

Each unhealthy ingredient is listed, along with a one-liner that tells you what it is or why it’s bad for you. This compact report is a very interesting, eye-opening education about what you need to stay away from to maintain excellent health. A must-have for sure, yours absolutely free.

Why So Inexpensive For Such A Life-Changing Transformation?

You may be wondering why such an amazing technology that can transform your life so radically is only $46.00… Well, in a nutshell, it’s because it just doesn’t need to have an expensive price tag. Although Slendersize requires very specific sound frequencies that must be precise, and Brain Cues that must be correctly targeted, neither of these components cost much to produce. So in an effort to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in as many peoples’ lives as possible, maybe even your life, we pass on the low cost to you.

Slendersize Is 100% Risk-Free With Our TRIPLE GUARANTEE

We don’t want anything to stand in your way of trying Slendersize so you can be the slimmer, healthier person you’ve always wanted to be, so we give you a triple TOTAL satisfaction guarantee:


If you don’t like the relaxing background sound experience of Slendersize’s beach, forest, rainstorm, or night sky…

If you don’t like the way the Isochronic tones sound, even though they put your mind in its acceptance mode and ready for a new you…

If you don’t like the “healthy eater” Brain Cueing messages that stream in and automatically change the way you think and behave around food…

If for any reason after your 7-day trial, you don’t want to complete the full 30-day audio program and have access to all Slendersize audios whenever you want for the rest of your life for a low one-time fee of $46.00, just let us know. We’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.

Why continue on with your stressful, unhealthy eating lifestyle when you don’t have to! Discover how quickly and easily you can become the healthier, slimmer, less stressed person you really want to be by rewiring your eating habits with Slendersize Brain Cueing technology – in just 30 days.

When you listen to Slendersize:

  • You will become super relaxed as your stress diss­olves within minutes
  • Isochronic tones will put your subconscious in its non-resistant “acceptance mode”
  • New Brain Cues will stream in to reprogram you to a healthy eater… for good!


Make the rest of your life the best of your life by becoming the healthier,
slimmer person you now know you can be

Your ticket to quickly and permanently change your eating habits, and all the happiness
that accomplishment will bring you, is yours below…

Experience Slendersize’s Brain Cueing Technology With A 7-Day Trial For Just $1

You’ll get all 4 unique sound experiences, each with all the different Brain Cues you need plus MORE!

Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #1
Beach Getaway 20-minute Brain Cueing program

Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #2
Sounds of the Forest 20-minute Brain Cueing program

Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #3
Relaxing Rainstorm 20-minute Brain Cueing program

Slendersize Healthy Eating Audio #4
Soft Night Sky 20-minute Brain Cueing program

Plus, yours to keep whether you decide to continue with the Slendersize audio program or not…

FREE BONUS #1 – “Quick Fix” Daily Stress Reducer Audio
Relax & Restore Daily 20-minute Stress Reducer Audio
Background experience and Isochronic tones (without Brain Cues)
Can be used every day as many times as you want

FREE BONUS #2 – Pocket Report
“Ingredients That Make You Fat and Unhealthy”
Reveals the unhealthiest ingredients that hide in foods
…even so-called “healthy” foods. Teaches you to shop healthy!

Sign up now! Only $1 to get started…

$1 trial for 7 days and then you will be billed $46 (one-time).
You may cancel at any time.  100% money back guarantee!
If you have any questions, please email us at



“Positive things include that I lost 8 pounds in the one month of listening to these audios. I definitely started making healthier choices right away. I think the most positive thing now is that I actually WANT to eat fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks … over the unhealthy foods I’d been eating so long. I even reduced my alcohol consumption. I feel so much better now that I’m eating better every day. I just feel so much better about me!” Jane




REMEMBER… you pay nothing today for this one-of-a-kind Slendersize audio technology, except for a small $1 processing fee. That’s less than a premium cup of coffee, and a lot less than a bottle of diet pills (which don’t work anyway).

After your 7-day trial your $1 processing fee will be applied toward the cost of the full program and you will then be billed a one-time fee of $46.00, and never be billed again.

This simple and easy option takes all the burden off of you. Give it a try, feel the AMAZING effects, and only then pay for permanent access to the entire program.

If within 7 days of using Slendersize, you don’t feel it’s working at all for you, just let us know and receive a prompt and courteous full refund.


Thank you for using Slendersize Brain Cueing Audio Technology. Enjoy your slimmer, healthier new life!

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